May Term

Below are your options for May Term by class period. If you want to learn more about a course, click on the looking glass next to the course title. Pick courses that interests you. Green boxes represent courses that are available. You select a course by clicking on the box, turning the box blue. All other courses during that time period will turn gray.  Courses that are full are also gray.  If you want to change a class, click on the course’s box to unselect it.  Remember once you unselect a course, someone else may select it and may no longer be available to you. You may choose 4 different classes, 2 classes that are 2 blocks in length, or 3 classes with 2 block classes and 1 class that is 2 blocks in length. Classes will be selected in order by grade starting with 11th graders, then 10th graders, and finally 9th graders. 

You must have a full schedule, there are no study halls during May Term. The lunch schedule will come out at a later time.

Green= open class                     
Blue= Course you selected
Red = Full Class
Gray= unavailable (usually because of other classes already selected)

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Current Selections

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